EVVA A5 KDZ Off-Set Euro Key & Turn Cylinder

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Keyed to differ cylinder

  • 102mm 31/T/71 (26/10/T66) KD NP
  • 102mm 41/T61 (36/10/T56) KD NP
  • 102mm 46/T56 (41/10/T51) KD NP
  • 102mm 56/T46 (51/10/T41) KD NP
  • 102mm 61/T41 (56/10/T36) KD NP
  • 102mm 71/T/31 (66/10/T26) KD NP
  • 112mm 41/T71 (36/10/T66) KD NP
  • 112mm 71/T41 (66/10/T36) KD NP
  • 67mm 31/T36 (26/10/T31) KD NP
  • 67mm 36/T31 (31/10/T26) KD NP
  • 67mm 36/T31 (31/10/T26) KD PB
  • 72mm 31/T41 (26/10/T36) KD NP
  • 72mm 31/T41 (26/10/T36) KD PB
  • 77mm 36/T41 (31/10/T36) KD PB
  • 82mm 31/T51 (26/10/T46) KD NP
  • 82mm 36/T46 (31/10/T41) KD NP
  • 82mm 46/T36 (41/10/T31) KD NP
  • 82mm 51/T31 (46/10/T26) KD NP
  • 87mm 41/T46 (36/10/T41) KD NP
  • 87mm 46/T41 (41/10/T36) KD NP
  • 92mm 31/T61 (26/10/T56) KD NP
  • 92mm 36/T56 (31/10/T51) KD NP
  • 92mm 41/T51 (36/10/T46) KD NP
  • 92mm 51/T41 (46/10/T36) KD NP
  • 92mm 56/T36 (51/10/T31) KD NP
  • 92mm 61/T31 (56/10/T26) KD NP
  • 97mm 36/T61 (31/10/T56) KD NP
  • 97mm 41/T56 (36/10/T51) KD NP
  • 97mm 46/T51 (41/10/T46) KD NP
  • 97mm 51/T46 (46/10/T41) KD NP
  • 97mm 56/T41 (51/10/T36) KD NP
  • 97mm 61/T36 (56/10/T31) KD NP
  • Nickel Plated
  • Polished Brass

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Keyed to differ cylinder



102mm 31/T/71 (26/10/T66) KD NP, 102mm 41/T61 (36/10/T56) KD NP, 102mm 46/T56 (41/10/T51) KD NP, 102mm 56/T46 (51/10/T41) KD NP, 102mm 61/T41 (56/10/T36) KD NP, 102mm 71/T/31 (66/10/T26) KD NP, 112mm 41/T71 (36/10/T66) KD NP, 112mm 71/T41 (66/10/T36) KD NP, 67mm 31/T36 (26/10/T31) KD NP, 67mm 36/T31 (31/10/T26) KD NP, 67mm 36/T31 (31/10/T26) KD PB, 72mm 31/T41 (26/10/T36) KD NP, 72mm 31/T41 (26/10/T36) KD PB, 77mm 36/T41 (31/10/T36) KD PB, 82mm 31/T51 (26/10/T46) KD NP, 82mm 36/T46 (31/10/T41) KD NP, 82mm 46/T36 (41/10/T31) KD NP, 82mm 51/T31 (46/10/T26) KD NP, 87mm 41/T46 (36/10/T41) KD NP, 87mm 46/T41 (41/10/T36) KD NP, 92mm 31/T61 (26/10/T56) KD NP, 92mm 36/T56 (31/10/T51) KD NP, 92mm 41/T51 (36/10/T46) KD NP, 92mm 51/T41 (46/10/T36) KD NP, 92mm 56/T36 (51/10/T31) KD NP, 92mm 61/T31 (56/10/T26) KD NP, 97mm 36/T61 (31/10/T56) KD NP, 97mm 41/T56 (36/10/T51) KD NP, 97mm 46/T51 (41/10/T46) KD NP, 97mm 51/T46 (46/10/T41) KD NP, 97mm 56/T41 (51/10/T36) KD NP, 97mm 61/T36 (56/10/T31) KD NP


Nickel Plated, Polished Brass




410 g