ISEO R50 1 & 3 star profile cylinders

Do you need a high security product to make principal residential accesses secure or manage medium/large sized commercial buildings and shops? Having maximum grade of Attack Resistance, R50 will protect you against manipulation and break-in attempts. R50 obtained BSI certification stating its resistance against bumping and picking methods.

Patented protection against copies increases security and guarantees legal defence against unauthorised duplication.

The type of key gives you: 

  • Complete key control (Know exactly how many keys you have in circulation)
  • All keys lost?  With a "cut to code" system, keys can be cut from a code so that you need never have to go through the expense of a lock change.  
  • A thicker, more sturdy key means you're less likely to snap your key in the lock.  
  • Make your property "keyed alike" so that all of your doors run off just the one key.  This would include padlocks, sheds and garages if fitted with the euro cylinders.  This could give you further savings as less keys are needed
  • If you own more than one property, why not Master Key the buildings.  This way, as the owner, you will only ever need one key for "access all areas" whilst at the same time letting the relevant people access the buildings you want them to access  It's the perfect solution for people with multiple properties whilst maintaining key control.  
  • Any additional keys you need cutting, we will get them on a next day delivery, or, if local, we will cut them at your door.