​​​​​​​​​​​​​Evva EPS - Locking Systems ​​​​​​​High Security Restricted Profile System 
​​​​​​​Security for generations
Evva EPS reliably protects residential properties and is also suitable for clearly structured master key systems. Consequently, Evva EPS is a frequently used access system in office buildings, catering or residential properties. EPS is the successful result of the continuous development of tried and tested EVVA pin systems. High levels of user convenience and the system's durability make the system the best pin system.​​​​​​​   

Evva EPS systems are supplied with a security card and a patented key system. All lock are available on EVVA EPS, EVVA EPS Euro Cylinder Locks, EVVA EPS Euro Thumbturn Cylinder Locks, EVVA EPS Rim Cylinder Locks, EVVA EPS Padlocks. 

Evva EPS locks can be supplied keyed differ, keyed alike and masterkeyed. 
Evva EPS lock are supplied with restricted keys and a security card*
Evva EPS locks are EN 1303:2005 approved 
Evva EPS euro cylinders can be 1* rated and 3* snap safe rated 
Evva EPS keys and locks can both be ordered online
Evva EPS is ideal for large secure and complex master-key systems 

Please call our specials department on 
02922745120  if you need any further assistance on any of our products.

Moving House?  Why not take your locks with you?  With EVVA EPS, the cylinders can be extended or reduced in length meaning that if your locks don't fit into your new home, we will make the changes to ensure that they do.  As you might imagine, this comes with certain advantages of not having to pay for a full lock change and get lots of new keys cut to hand out to family who already have keys.  You also get to keep key control.  

You have additional doors in your new home? No problem.  If you want, we can make your new cylinders run off one key.  


  • Make your property "keyed alike" so that all of your doors run off just the one key.  This would include padlocks, sheds and garages if fitted with the euro cylinders.  This could give you further savings as less keys are needed.
  • Any additional keys you need cutting, we will get them on a next day delivery, or, if local, we will cut them at your door. 

Theses locks are: 

  • Bump Resistant
  • Pick Resistant
  • Snap Resistant*
  • Patented Profile
  • British Standard EN1303
  • Comes with 3 Keys
  • 90 Minutes Fire Rated